Frequently Asked Questions

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1. COVID-19 NOTICE: How will the current COVID-19 pandemic affect the retrieval of my record?
2. Why haven't I received any email account notices, case updates, etc. from you?
3. I need my DD214 in a hurry, yesterday if possible. Can help me?
4. How can help me to obtain a copy of my record faster than if I were to submit to the Government directly?
5. How does secure my personal information?
6. How quickly can I get my DD214?
7. Can I access my DD214 Online?
8. What is a DD214?
9. Who can obtain a copy of a veteran's DD214?
10. Can I get a copy of Member 4?
11. Can I get a deleted DD214, the short form?
12. Can I get a DD214 for my Reserve Service?
13. What is a Certification of Military Service, and why did I receive that instead of my DD214?
14. What is an OMPF (201 File)?
15. Can I get a replacement DD256 (the Wall Certificate)?
16. Will I get a refund if the Government cannot find my record?
17. What do I do if I'm having some technical problems accessing my account?
18. The copy quality is very poor. How can I get a better quality copy of my record?
19. How can I check on the status of my order?

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by Gordon Samuel Mayes
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